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We have been holidaying in Norfolk after Sally's father fell in love with the area and bought a holiday bungalow on the coast.  Over the last 45+ years we have enjoyed many a family holiday here, particularly since we had children of our own, and this part of the world quickly became like a second home.  The relaxed pace of life, wide open skies and scenic views that we adore are symbolic of this area.  

A few years ago, we fulfilled our dream of moving from the commotion of South London and buying our own property here in Norfolk.  Part of the dream was to have a holiday let so that other people can experience this lovely area, as well as having more space for family and friends to come and visit.

We live in the main house attached to Grove Stables, and are within a short drive of Larksong, so are on hand to answer any questions you may have during your stay.

Grove Stables
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